The following is an excerpt from an article I wrote for the Chinese Language Institutes blog, to see the full article click here.

Most Chinese characters look complicated to the outside observer, but not all characters are created equal. There are two main Chinese writing systems, traditional and simplified.

Traditional characters are based on historical Chinese writing systems with roots tracing back millennia, whereas simplified characters are those same traditional characters, but with many simplified so that they are easier to read and write.

Despite being invented in mainland China, simplified characters are also used elsewhere. Children studying in mainland…

Much of the right-wing press, and many of those supporting Boris Johnson proroguing Parliament say it is necessary. This is due to Parliament aiming to subvert the will of the people, the will that was expressed in the referendum (the mandate of the referendum). The proceeding discussion usually boils down into a shouting match, one side saying “Biggest democratic exercise in our lifetimes”, the other then saying “Overspending fraud and lies”, then back for “17.4 million people”, and on and on.

So, I did some thinking, is there a mandate for a no deal Brexit?

First I consider the two…

See Siyang Wei’s post here

The elections committee has been in contact with me, and I have set out my response to this here, I believe they are very misguided in their attempt to stifle free speech: My Response

But I am glad that Siyang has stated that it was them who reported my post to the election committee as this demonstrates their lack of commitment to the free speech of people who disagree with them.

I had included a paragraph about this in my original piece, but I thought it would detract from the quality of my argument, so…

Edit: Since posting this article I have received messages from the CUSU Election Committee requesting I take this article down:

I have to say, I am disappointed with the CUSU Elections committee, for sending my an officious message demanding I remove the article I wrote yesterday, that has received over 500 views (on medium — and countless more on Facebook). I have not received a single piece of negative feedback, only countless messages of support from people who didn’t know/felt bad about what had happened at the AGM, and often also wanted to express their appreciation for all I have…

For the past week I’ve been thinking about simulations of universes, and the weird situations they give rise to. Some of the thoughts about religion and God in this article were explained/inspired by the Selwyn College Christian Unions text-a-toastie (which I also got a lovely free toastie out of).

You may have already heard of the theory that says we are all probably living in a simulation, if you haven’t, it goes like this. First you have to accept the axiom that it is possible for sentient life to create a simulation (or, in my point of view, an AI…

This is in response to The Libertarian Alliance article by Keir Martland:

This riveting article begins with a basic rebuttal of any claim that Trump is a disaster by saying ‘well, he won’t be as bad as X’. This shows a basic misunderstanding by what people mean by a disaster, none of them are suggesting he is going to bring back slavery, or cause a civil war, what they are saying is, from their point of view steps will be taken in the direction they view as backwards. …

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